Summer Unlocked

I wanted to let you know that, like many of us I suspect, I will finally be able to enjoy some time “unlocked” from home and will be away from my comfy but well-worn home office for 2 weeks enjoying the many rural delights this country can offer.

No computers!

In my absence, my :dozens: colleagues will keep reading as usual, but I have asked a colleague to be the first point of contact in case you need anything in particular. In order to make the transition emotionally easier for you, I’ve asked Rob, aka @RobD, to play that role :wink:

I’m sure you can survive a short period without me, but should you have any questions you want to raise, or need to discuss community matters, please raise them with him in the first instance and he will be able to help.

I trust you will all be doing the same if you can, and will also get some fresh air, stretch your legs and maybe enjoy some time in nature.

We’ve got some exciting things coming up towards the end of the year so am hoping to fully recharge my batteries to make the most of it and share the exciting news with you all.


Have a great time off and a well deserved rest, @robert :slight_smile: !

Hello everyone! :wave:

As mentioned by other Rob, if you do have any queries or questions please do let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you. :+1:


Couldn’t stay away … was thinking of you all as I was climbing the tower of the Great Escape zipline … so sending you greetings from Shropshire!


Enjoy mate, you definitely deserve it :smiley:

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thanks @Tor - really needed that break and it was so lovely to get to know a really amazing part of the country for the first time.

If you’ve never been, I highly recommend both the quiet delights of Shropshire (bordering Powys) and the Wye Valley. I won’t bore you with my photos, but I spent a lot of time in old woods enjoying the silence and calm.

I trust you’re all able to get some time away too. Let us know what you get up to.

I see there have been some interesting conversations in my absence, and thanks to @RobD for stepping in to keep you updated.

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I tend to hyperventilate when thinking of breathing air free of city fumes, so not quite, at least for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

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