Stocks & Shares ISA

Hi there,

I might want to take advantage of the Black card and no fees for 2021.
Few questions:

  • If I open a Stocks and Shares ISA with Dozens this year for a bond, will i be able to use that same ISA in the same year for investments within Dozens? Or are they considered as 2 separate ISAs?
  • In 2022, if I want to carry on the benefits from the black card, that means £5 monthly fee and I’ll keep the 0% platform fees for investments?


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Good questions

1 - yes, if you have a Dozens Stocks & Shares ISA, the same one will be used for investments in bonds as well as anything in the Invest shelf.

2 - that is correct. If you have taken up the Dozens Black offer for 2021, this will be free for this year but charged at £5 per month after that, but the benefit includes 0% platform fees (as well as other benefits)

Do let me know what you decide and how you like the card :slight_smile:

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Makes total sense thanks !

Open my S&S ISA.
Lets play a bit with the investments now and se show it goes!

Few questions /feedback after trying to invest.


  • When giving how much to invest, I need to enter a monthly investment of £100 a month. What if we don’t want to keep investing month after month?
    Are we able to stop it and leave the funds so far? Why not offering the option too?
  • For the affordability checks, I’ve entered number them went back to edit, but the original numbers where in different fields/orders. Must be a bug there.
  • Are we able to split the funds into different funds later on?

I highly doubt that amount is taken from you and get invested automatically. If that’s a concern, you can put £0 in that box.

I know you can have multiple funds at the same time. The only thing could stop you from doing that is if you have less than £2k to invest.

It won’t let you process of you put £0. You must put £100 at minimu… hence I ask whether or not later on you must pay £100 or not (which I guess you don’t).

So basically you can have more funds and choose how to split your money from one to another as long as for one fund you keep at least £1k in it?

Make sure you actually put a “0” in that box, which makes the “0” turn black. The £0 in it is grey if you don’t put anything in. See the difference in those two screenshots below.

Yes, and that’s based on the feedback from other people who has complained about the process of purchasing the 2nd and subsequent fund. Basically, you can have more funds, but you will have to create a new goal for each fund, which will require a minimal of £1k to start with.

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Thanks @Roman - appreciate the replies as I’ve been a little distracted by other exciting announcements today :wink:

Roman was correct. If you do not wish to include a monthly contribution at this stage, then you can enter £0 (but you need to enter it, not skip the box), and then progress.

In that case, you can add a lump sum, which needs to be greater than £1000 at the moment, and then you can always add further funds manually in future.

I’m not sure what you mean by this exactly. Can you give me more details. Is it related to the calculator, where you set your investment goal?

Not at the moment. For now, you invest your money in particular strategies (the fund options in the Invest shelf) linked to a particular goal. If you choose to ‘split’ this, then you would effectively have to sell the investment and make two new investments. In that case, the minimum for each would still be £1000.

We have always said we would look at this minimum requirement and it could change, but for the time being that would be the case.

In practice, it is your Grow balance where you move your money ready for investing, and where it returns when you sell those investments or receive dividends, and you use that balance to purchase specific funds (and ‘split’ your investments if that is what you want to do).

Thanks.l @robert

Make sense for the sale/invest in new one.

One more feedback, regarding the goal, we can’t put simply “£1000” as a goal. But should be able to if putting one off and not monthly payments.

Also it would be good to be able to edit our goal once created. It doesn’t show at all our goal we put in first place, except the progress bar towards the goal.

Regarding the issue is around the affordability calculator.
For illustration, I put £2000 for salary, £15000 savings, £1500 average spend, £100 last field (I can’t remember). Press continue. The screen shows your input and click to confirm or to edit. Click edit. The previous screen shows with the values I entered but not in the same fields. So it would shows £15000 salary, £2000 savings, £100 average spending and £1500 last field. Basically they were mixed up.