Staying the course in the time of Covid-19

The world has been a very different place for most of us for the last couple of weeks or more, particularly with the ongoing ‘lockdown’. We do hope you are coping and have been well.

A few days ago, we sent out an email to all customers with a bit of reassurance about what was happening to their accounts, and to our staff. We are well aware that everyone is receiving a great many emails from companies at the moment, so we did not decide lightly to add to the overflowing inbox, but we also do not want anyone worrying unnecessarily about their money at this time.

We hope we struck a helpful and positive note with our explanation, and that you found it useful?

We’d really love your thoughts on whether we got the balance right in your eyes?

In case you don’t have it, we’ve published the contents as a blog post:

(love how @Matt_Royhl’s illustration bobs up and down even in this thumbnail version)

We did announce recently that we had paused the Issuances of fixed-interest bonds and that we were also pausing our marketing activities - it seems the prudent thing to do.

We trust you are happy with the way we’ve handled things and communicated them so far? The team is all well and working from home, and the process (for us) has been quite seamless for us so far. How has it been for you?

Are there any other questions you would like us to answer?

Do please leave them here so we can answer them as quickly and openly as possible for everyone to read.

If we get a reasonable number of questions, we could even think about organising a live ‘AskAC’ and get @AC along to answer you directly all at the same time. What do you think? We’ve all become more adept at video conferences, maybe we can take advantage of this to get together virtually.

Let me know if you think this is a good idea and whether you can take part, and we can maybe look at some times and dates.


We’re also discussing this idea in the #help:lounge with some of the most active members of this community and this is generating some really useful ideas and great topics.

I will share these here shortly but if you want to share your thoughts here too, we are open to all ideas for questions of interest to Dozens customers

Here are some great questions from @ludofarine to get the conversation started. What other ones can we add (though I think we could spend an hour just on these):

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Another interesting question worth sharing:

Hi Robert, thanks my questions are as follows:

1, what is the current funding runway for Project Imagine ltd?
2, what was the plan / key deliverables targeted for 2020 for both Dozens and the PI1 platform & what impact is Covid19 having on these? Is this also an opportunity for further digital disruption to banking?
3, Will Project Imagine be able to access UK government startup funding announced earlier today?
4, based on the above answers what are the plans for further fund raising to ensure business has adequate liquidity?

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thanks so much @Dreganwbay - I really appreciate your questions. I will certainly add these to the mix.

Please note that we really want this first session to have a customer focus rather than investors. The topics of interest for customers who are using their accounts (for example about increasing contactless limits) and those of investors thinking of shares will be really quite different.

We’d rather not confuse customers, who want to know more about their personal accounts, with detailed replies to questions about finance, so we may not be able to get into all the details we would like in this instance. However, we will definitely try to cover as much as we can now, and maybe plan a follow up on more specifics for this group.

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I’ve put a tentative date in the diary for this event for 30th April, so please head over to the poll and let us know if you plan to watch or even take part