Spend - List Icons

I’ve just activated my card today and made a couple of purchases with no issues.

Looking at the “Spend” section, the icons on the “List” section are generic icons against each transaction. On the “Visual” section the real logo of the retailer are shown (under top retailers).

I think it would be better to use the real logos for the retailer on the “List” section as well as it would be much easier to identify the transaction by logo rather than reading the text.

Thanks for signing up @JourneyMan - does this handle mean you are a regular traveller?

Great to hear that you’ve been able to use your card already.

I do see what you mean about the Spend list. The icons that we use are the Category icons we associate with the retailer (you can always change that). As you say, the detail of your spend, including the specific retailer, time, location, etc. is all there when you click on that line.

We would like to add to that information in a way that helps you to see patterns in that spend that will help you to put money aside.

One of these is to group spend into categories so that you can set some specific budgets and also get useful reports on how you are spending your money.

Another bit of information we add is that when you click on the three buttons next to the amount, you can rate how happy (or not) that transaction made you feel.

You can always filter or search your list if you need to find something specific.

Have you had a chance to look at the visual representations of your spend yet?

Thanks for the explanation Robert, that makes a lot of sense now :grinning:

I’ll have a play around with the the visual section.

I really do like the map view showing where I have been spending my money.

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