Something bugging you? New Feedback Group

As Dane Bowers would say, “Won’t you stop bugging me?” (…one for the kids there!)

New group for any eagle eyed users that spot a bug in the app, something not where it should be, or any general feedback you think we need to know about (good, bad - anything!) :male_detective:

Lots of you have been doing this already with the most recent releases - and with more updates coming soon, we’d love your help :slight_smile:

So please feel free to post here, including your device model and operating system and I’ll make the team aware.

@Fran, one of our awesome Product Managers may pop in from time to time to keep you up date on what’s fixed, being fixed or anything upcoming.

If sharing screenshots, please be careful not share any personal information.

If you have a question about your account (rather than the app) please continue to use the usual or the live in-app chat.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Thanks, Rob! Here’s one to start:

On the Grow tab the text at the top cuts off and doesn’t wrap for narrower screens.

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Thanks for kicking us off @Peter - which device and OS do you use?

It’s a Galaxy Fold on Android!

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The sign up for digital receipts thing will not go away for me!


Here’s a fairly major one. I don’t know whether it is specific to my account or a wider impact.

With the new add or remove buttons for the savings account both are greyed out if you don’t have a positive balance in the current account. I’ve had to deposit funds into my current account to enable a transfer out of savings. I am obviously not sure if that has fixed it for good or whether I will need to do that again to withdraw.

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Thanks for this @gobber and welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

Could you please let me know which device and OS you use?

Hi Peter! I’m a product manager here at Dozens, and we’re working on fixing this screen formatting issue as we speak. We’re going to start testing the fix this week and we will let you know once it’s resolved! Thanks for pointing it out

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Hey @gobber! Can I just clarify your bug: when you have £0 or minus balance in your current account (Spend), then both your + - buttons in the Grow section are deactivated even if you have funds in there? Also, please can you confirm your device and OS? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Peter, please could you reinstall the Dozens app from the app store and let me know if the narrow screen issue is fixed? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Deleted and reinstalled the app but no joy, I’m afraid: