So when is Dozens actually launching?

Just wondering when the actual onboarding will begin for those in the waitlist. Really excited to start using your app, just want to start using it ASAP.

FYI - Currently 536 in the line


It seems this is a (very) gradual rollout - we are told due to start imminently. Unless… R-


As we’ve said, testing is already underway, but we don’t want to open the doors to a wider group until we are quite certain that there will be no complications with accessing your money or information. While some users might be keen enough to accept this, it is not a service level that we would be happy to deliver.

While testers are reporting lots of great feedback, there are some potential issues that we are still not willing to have you deal with, and therefore we are being cautious with access.

We will be adding another group of testers next week, and then a larger group a week after that, if all goes to schedule. It may be early in February before the full list of applicants in the current queue will have received their activation code, and before we can consider allowing new applications to open accounts without needing a code.

This will match the timing of the release of our first bonds and still give plenty of time for ISA season, so don’t worry.

Hope that helps.


A good approach to launch I would suggest. In recent months some offerings in the same space have been premature in release… never a good thing!


Sounds great!

Am curious - which offerings do you have in mind?

I know from experience N26 released too early in the UK (slightly different) and there have been plugins which have launched too early as well, tarnishing my opinion of them.

You can never iron out all issues before release, but you can certainly maximise release completion % with a bit of patience. I know far too many people who lack patience!


Late to the party unfortunately, there are 3959 people ahead of me and the number is going down so slowly. Love the concept.

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