Slight Frustration

Slight Frustration.

Have not been actively using the account, however, I have decided to use the account for investment as other investments made either become unstable or growth stalled. I find any a standard economic cycle, gold will grow before any collapse and shares start rebound just at the start of any new economic cycle.

So, I attempted to transfer money from Startling into Dozen and noticed for 24 hrs the money that can be transferred is capped as Dozen does not currently allow naming authentication on the account number and sort code.

It’s not a big deal, however, just a slight frustration that I have to wait for another 24 hrs before transferring any more assets into the Dozen account. Supporting naming authentication on the account number and sort code could improve transparency and reduce fraud.

Just my tip.

thanks for raising this

some of this is the decision by Starling, which is their prerogative - but we totally understand.

With regard to the confirmation of payee aspect, this is something we will be integrating for Dozens from Clearbank early in 2021 but was not available at switchover, so we are sorry it caused you some delay but we appreciate the tip and the suggestion

Hopefully you can tell us more about your investment experience once you’ve been able to transfer the funds you were looking to move

Don’t forget that customers with existing investments in 31/12/2020 will qualify for a fee-free year of Dozens Black as well, so I trust this works for you

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