Shareholder Cards - getting started

If you are a customer who also was an investor in the Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, then you will be issued with a Shareholder :investor: card

Here are a few things to help you activate your Shareholder card:

You’ll see prompts to activate your card in your personalised home screen as well as the Spend section of the app.

So now that you’ll have two cards – your Dozens card and your Shareholder card –you can choose to set your Shareholder card as your primary or secondary card.

What’s the difference between primary and secondary cards?

You can use both cards in the same way for any transactions anywhere and see your spending in full details. However, only your primary card will be linked to the other features of the app – your home screen, Savings rules, Track and Savers Awards.

You can switch your primary and secondary cards anytime. Just bear in mind, when you switch, your savings rules, some budgeting information and award nominations won’t be transferred from one to the other. They will restart with currently set as your primary card. You can read more in the FAQs.

Secondary cards can still be used for spending as normal, if you want. You can:

  • get details of the card CVV and PIN
  • freeze the card
  • view, split, filter and report transactions
  • download statements

You will not be able to add money (by top-up or bank transfer) directly to this secondary card, so the only way to keep a balance in both is to move money from your primary card to the secondary one.


Ah, so now we know why there’s a yellow square in the top left corner :wink:


Exactly … And why cards are named

Just to be clear.

Does this mean that each card will have a balance?

Yes, that is correct. Each card will have a separate balance


I like the idea of two cards with different balances.

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Got offered the 1.5.2 update today and now have the Mango card icon. Just await e-mail and Shareholder card to complete the line-up. R-


What happens to those of us who use a different email address for their seedrs account to that used for dozens?

When I invested in Freetrade they issued a form for people to merge their community, crowdcube and app emails, to handle this kind of situation.

There were several emails sent to investors in that case, asking anyone who used a different address to get in touch with us so we could match you manually. Did you write to us?

If you don’t remember doing this, then can you search for that email so you have the instructions, otherwise let me know by PM and I’ll send you details. There’s still time!

we could merge emails but there may be good reasons for people to keep them separate so this is not a requirement - the only issue we have is knowing that Investor A is the same as Customer B - so if emails do not match we rely on the customer letting us know so we can make the connection in the backend.

Sorry, it wasn’t merging them. That was a poor choice of words. They were simply linking them as you will.

I’ve tracked down the email (2 months ago!) so I’ll do that now.

Thank you

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Just did the app update, excited to hear this news.

Didn’t see the new icons though, and a little concerned I just checked in on Seedrs and no longer see my investment. Anybody else have similar issues?

Edit: scratch that, I was looking in the wrong place on Seedrs and just noticed the cards are being issued in batches. Eagerly waiting :hugs:


The cards have been despatched and should have started landing in people’s postboxes and doormats yesterday. We’ve had a lot of activations already … has anyone had theirs and care to comment about the process or the features?

Have you received yours yet @yams?

Any questions?

Postman’s just been - Still waiting :cry:

I got mine yesterday. Activated it today and used it as my secondary card without any problems.

Is ‘Track’ going to combine the two cards at some point or is it going to be tied to the primary account?

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excellent! thanks for the information, and great to hear it has been put to use already

At the moment, the plan is to only use Track for the primary card. We are looking at what else might change in future, so feel free to share your thoughts on this. Should it track both (so it deals with your overall position) or might it be better to keep it to one primary card and keep the activity on a separate card out of this picture?

There is a lot more we plan to do with the features that underly this shareholder card functionality.

Did you get an email from us telling you the card was coming? If so, I trust Royal mail will ‘deliver’ soon

Hi Rob. I haven’t received an email or a card, and my app isn’t showing anything either. Could you check whether my account has been matched with Seedrs properly please? My email address is the same on Dozens and Seedrs.

They’re being sent in batches so yours will not have been done yet. More info here

Ah ok, no worries. Thanks for following up Rob :slight_smile: