Shareholder cards are in the app

They’re here!

We’ve been working on the shareholder cards since we started the Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, and we have some exciting news to share. Not only are the cards being created, but they bring new functionality to the Dozens app.


Before you can activate your card, you will need to update to v1.5.2

In the latest version of the app, shareholders who have been issued their card will now see that they have a SECOND card above the image of the card on the Spend tab (click for details).
If you don’t see it yet, you need to wait a few days as we are sending out the cards in batches.

If you are one of the thousands of investors in Seedrs and also a customer of Dozens, then we will start to send out these cards as of today, and they should all be issued by the end of next week. Look out for an email confirmation that it is on its way.

If you have not received a notification by 17th June, then you can contact Customer Service, but PLEASE wait until then to follow up as the cards will need to be printed and mailed so can take a short while.


If you would like to, you can tag yourself here in the community with the :investor: card. You can do this by joining the crowdfunding investor group which will also allow you to choose ‘shareholder’ as a title here in the community (click on my profile to see what it looks like)

[Note, we will NOT be checking or validating this data, so it is up to individuals whether you select it or use it. It will not grant users any special privileges or access]

Shareholders will be encouraged to share feedback on using this card. As this functionality is new we would like to know what you think and how it is working for you.

Thank you again to all those who supported Dozens and have joined us in this journey


Quick follow-up … if we issue you a shareholder card, but you have not yet updated to the latest version of the app, you will see two ‘mango’ cards in your app instead. You will not be able to activate the card when it arrives.

ATM no update available to me. R-

Ready as I’ll ever be

This is awesome! - Might have to start diving back into Dozens now (mainly waiting for the “Grow” and “Invest” sections to have a bit more live until I do really.

Only slight issue - the “shareholder” forum title should be capitalised - it is really messing with my OCD :cry:

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testing it out for size … I think we had a mix and I was trying to be consistent, but I see I had “Trailblazer” so why not?

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of the cards when they start arriving … the first might even have landed today :slight_smile:

I was only going off what I had seen which was a capital T on Trailblazer and it was upsetting me to not have a capital S :laughing:

Will be interesting to get to grips with having 2 cards with 2 balances for the 1 account!

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Haven’t had the email yet … patiently waiting … updates to 1.5.2 … perhaps it’s cos my surname starts with W

The first batch were chosen at random - not in alphabetical order :slight_smile:

Those cards should have started arriving today, more likely starting tomorrow. Expecting activations and assuming all goes smoothly, we’ll send the next (larger) batch!

If anyone would like to let us know here that their card has arrived and the activation worked … we can push this along :slight_smile:

Should all shsreholder customers be seeing the 2 cards in the app by now, or is this being rolled out with the physical cards?

This will only appear when the shareholder card has been created for each individual customer who is a shareholder.

We’ve only done a couple of batches while we test this new functionality, so is not there for everyone yet.

Response has been great however, so I imagine most of the rest will be issued very soon.

There are some shareholders who have not activated their regular card yet, but this needs to be done first, so in that case I encourage you to get the app working so we can issue you the shareholder card too


As of this afternoon, I believe most of the remaining shareholder cards have been “switched on” so if you are a shareholder and you have already activated your regular Dozens card, then you should now see a second card in your app.

  1. If you do see the :investor: card, excellent! The cards have been ordered and will be printed in the next 24-48 hours and despatched, so should be with you by the end of the week, or maybe the start of next week. Please give us until then before you chase - it is probably just the mail delay and we cannot control that.

  2. If you are seeing two :dozens_card: , then make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the app and it should then appear as slate / black :investor:

  3. If you do not see a second / shareholder card but expect one, then maybe wait 24 hours and try logging out and back in again. If it is still not showing, then contact customer service and get them to check the list.

  4. Finally, if you have not yet activated your original Dozens :dozens_card: then we cannot issue you with your :investor: version. There are still a few investors who have done this - probably in anticipation of the new cards, however you do need to do this first so that your app and account are fully functional.

One the arrive, go ahead and activate them as before with the CVV. You can then decide which card to make your Primary and Secondary card.


Just got my email saying the card being sent out :wink:


Me too. Why am I excited about a debit card? :slight_smile:

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A debit card that adds features - I think that is OK!

Got my e-mail this morning and Slate coloured card in app (with exclamation mark). I expect my card is on the doormat at home. I’m abroad atm. R-

Received my Investor Card today - looks rather lovely!
But now I’m torn between using the Investor card or the mango coloured one that I’ve grown quite attached to :grinning:.
Decisions, decisions…


Same here. Very impressed with the look of the card. R-

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you can actually move between them and change which one is “primary” as often as you like (for now)

just remember that track works independently so you will not have the information on transactions carried out on the secondary card, but technically you can try either

I personally like the regular card most - it stands out best

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I’m planning to use the second card more or less like a virtual card for online purchases, maybe keeping the balance at zero and/or locking it until I need it.

If more card controls are implemented, so I can block online transactions atm etc on the primary card, this will work even better.