Shareholder Card Opt-In

Interested in dropping some money at you when the crowdfunding opens. But the shareholder card is damned ugly (sorry!) so I was wondering if I could opt-out ir if once you invest that is it, you get that card.

Hey @HoddzDJ - you will have both cards and can choose to make either one primary (ie main card linked to your account and other parts of the app) and still use the additional one as a secondary card. We don’t have this feature live yet but should be good to go by the time the crowdfunding ends and shareholder cards are issued.


I never understood why people feel the need to have an investor card…each to their own! The mango yellow will most definitely take pride of place in my wallet/phone case. I miss my wallet! :sunglasses:


Instant gratification and the only tangible ‘thing’ you get from the investment?
Agree with the above, I prefer the look of the mango card as I have enough black in my wallet as it is. Not sure why it’s still viewed as a ‘premium’ card colour really.
In my short exposure to Dozens I am liking what I see, and it’s nice to be in at the beginning for once, so I will be dipping my toe into crowdfunding for the first time later today.

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Where are you seeing this shareholder card design?

15 days ago in the ‘We’re crowdfunding’ thread (I don’t know how to link)

Edit - screenshot…

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Thanks guys, think I had seen that actually! I quite like it, but prefer the regular card colour I think :+1:

I don’t really care that much about card colour but the regular dozens card does seem a bit ‘AA membership’ to me.


But then again so does the Shareholder card!


Nah, that’s banana not mango :wink:


Personally, I think it is a bit wasteful to have two cards, unless you’re actually going to use them, so I’d like to be able to opt out for that reason alone

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Fair point. Two cards for me would work well. I travel around a bit and had a travel card where they sent two identical cards, was really handy to know one was with me and one in the hotel.


That’s a great point! I myself keep a card from another bank in the hotel for that very reason - but no more once both cards come through.

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I for one think the shareholder card looks great! Just waiting on news of when they’ll be released!

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Soon, @Ronan! We will need to wait for the crowdfunding round to close and the cards should be with us soon after that! :dozens_card:

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