Seedrs share certificates :)

Got email today about share cert from Seaders.


Thanks for letting us know - I believe that Seedrs sent all the share certificates out this morning so everyone should have received them by now.

Don’t they look nice?!


Hopefully everyone should have their certificates and their cards about the same time then?


I got my share certificate this morning. A nice addition to my portfolio

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Share certificate = :+1:
Shareholders card = :-1:

P.s. And yes, they do look good.


Got the shares certificate and shareholders card is on its way. :+1:

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Received the share certificate yesterday and the card today :+1:

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Anyone got any idea on how to save the certificate electronically? I would prefer to have it in Onenote.

I’m on a Mac and cant seem to “grab” it.


EDIT: Dealt with. There is an “invisible-until-hovered-over” icon set near the lower edge of the image. One of these allows capture to your folder of choice. R-

Certificate and card received :heart_eyes:

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