Seedrs pitch deck

On page 6 of the deck, interesting image for the ‘Card issuance & Branding’

The image is clearly recent as its a Visa card and not Mastercard, however its showing a shareholder version… Thought they stopped?


oh, you really are :eagle: :eyes: !!


You are correct, Dozens no longer has active shareholder cards. However, the designs were created at the time of the Visa switching and we still had these cards.

In theory, a different organisation running Pi1 might consider a shareholder card for their own investors (as a different offering), so I guess we’ve used this image for the deck as an illustration (plus I always liked the Mango ‘d’). We should probably switch for the Dozens Black ones that are live now I suppose. I shall have a word with the designer.

For the avoidance of doubt, there are no plans (today) to bring back shareholder cards for Dozens, and we are focusing on the Dozens Black offering instead.


I need to be for my day job :eyes:

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