Second phone

I can’t find any info in the help, so I’m assuming it’s just not possible, but - can you use dozens on a second phone?

If not, how do you switch to another phone with a different number?

Theoretically you could, but you can only get the necessary confirmation (SMS) code on the original phone that is registered on the account.

If you need to switch your number, then the best way (at the moment) is to contact customer service using the in-app chat if you can, and get them to switch your number.

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Set up on second phone. Very easy!

Edit: you have to log in again to your first phone, so looks like login is restricted to one device at a time

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So, I’ve been doing this for a while.

It seems you can only log in on one phone at a time, as it logs you out of the other phone.

It would be great to have proper support for multiple devices!

What is the use-case for using two phones at the same time? This is really a security feature so it would be useful to know how you might use it in practice to see how we can best accommodate this


Well, I use two phones with Revolut, for example.

Phone 1 is my Trusted device and can receive OTP texts, so I keep it at home or somewhere else safe.

Phone 2 is the phone I carry with me. I can see all the notifications, but it will always ask for an OTP or other info for big transactions, new payees etc., so won’t work for anything that requires that.

So it’s an extra layer of security.

Also, if I lose phone 2, I can just log out, lock my cards, contact support etc. on phone 1.

Although it’s less common now with dual-sim devices… having a personal and a work number isn’t that uncommon. Even if both phones are being carried around it might be nice to be able to access your account on the one you’re using at the time?

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I have two phone, work and personal.

I have all my banking apps on both phones, I don’t carry two phones with me, anyone important has both numbers.

It’s handy being able to access your account on both phones, for example if you are setting up a payment, and need to double check the reference details from your payments, you can load it on the other phone, or you need to check the name is correct and so on.

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I can see that sometimes it might be useful to have a second device, and logging in on another phone is possible. What I was interested in was:

The issue mentioned was:

That seems sensible to me (on a personal level). If there is only one account holder, and that holder is logging into a particular phone, then THAT is the phone that should have the latest data, and should something have happened to the other phone, then it ought not to have access to the account.

The issue is not that you are logged out of the other phone. What I can see as being a potential issue is that if you want to log into a second phone without having your registered phone to hand.

We do link your account to one device for security so that we can authenticate it via SMS, but even if you were using an authentication app, these are device-specific. If you remember to log in to your second device while you have access to the registered one, then there should usually be no issue.

The issue for me is that I would need to log in and out all the time, in your scenario. I don’t want to have to think about it.

It may be a convenience feature, ultimately, but plenty of rivals have it (Starling, for example). And it IS very useful!