Search doesn’t look right?

Just got my new card and I’ve forgotten my pin so went looking in help for advice and…

You can’t see what I’m searching for as it’s black on grey.

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thanks Colin

I’ve answered the PIN question elsewhere, but answering the search design issue here

I don’t recognise that issue myself as even in Dark Mode on my phone this does not happen, so can you remind me what device you are running so we can look into this further?

Here you go:

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This is really weird, I have an iPhone 8 and don’t seem to have this issue?
If that is of any help to Dozens

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I see the same as Colin if I search the FAQs in the app. I’m using an iPhone 12 on iOS 14.2.1. Makes no difference if I’m in dark mode or not.

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thanks @andys265

@maria are you running iOS 14? That looks to be consistent between the other two so could be related?

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Yes I’m on iOS 14 (most up to date) but I just checked again and it’s doing it to me as well now, before it wasn’t

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Hmm, that’s interesting.

OK, thanks. I’ve already raised this so will let them know