SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 17 March: issues with transfers

We’ve been made aware that one of our partners, not :dozens: itself, will be performing some routine maintenance to their systems at this time:

Time (UK):

Sunday, March 17th, 2019 03:00 - 07:00

Transfers of funds between accounts (movements in and out) will be affected. Fund transfers should be avoided where possible until the systems are up and running again (at 7am in the morning).

To be clear:

  • you should still be able to use your card and make payments as transactions but these may take some time to appear in the app, however please consider having an alternative, or withdrawing cash to cover any planned expenses
  • you should also be able to do top-ups from a debit card,
  • but if you need to send money elsewhere, it is best to do so well before or after these times.

We recommend that you consider having other payment options available just in case during this period.

If you do experience any issues with transactions relating to this event, then please email with information on your issue

Note: this information will also be sent to customers’ apps

Hi Robert

This probably needs pushing to the app as I suspect a lot of people don’t read these forums? In particular, as dozens becomes mainstream people won’t be reading forums

Just a thought

@Sefti see above :wink:

this will be sent tomorrow in-app

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I’m sorry Robert! :rofl:

My post must have been extremely annoying to read! I missed that line