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I, like most other new Dozens customers, use or have used plenty of fintech apps (moneybox, Monzo etc). So it’s been really good to understand what is out there on offer.

In my early days of using Dozens there are two points of feedback I have regarding the savings section of the app.

I have set up two different wishlists and can see I am working towards a cumulative target for both. However, as I’m sure you’re aware, some savings goals are more important then others and I’d like to have more control for where my savings each month/week end up going towards.

Secondly, the savings feature revolves mostly around having targets. Some savers, myself included, have some very clear targets and then some pots of savings that i’d like to build indefinitely with no target in mind. Typically a rainy day kind of savings pot, just in case.

Looking at Monzo as an example, I feel they do both these things quite well. It’s usability is simple and you can choose which pot to prioritise and you don’t need to have a target for each pot.

I am in total appreciation of where other competitors are in terms of their app development and Monzo’s release of pots came way after their initial account release, but it is one of those features that creates a stickiness to their app.

It would be great to understand some of the development runway for the savings part of the app in terms of functionality and usability?

It also would be great understand if there is going to be an interest rate provided on a flexible savings account? I think fixed bonds and investments are good obviously for creating some certainly and building the company’s balances, so I’m sure this has been a considered in terms of the customers you are looking to acquire, but I know a lot of customers won’t like the inflexibility of fixed savings/investments.

By the way, I think the savings rules are very different and excellent. :grimacing:



An excellent post and something I’d very much like to echo. I would also prefer the ability to have multiple savings goals/pots and allocate money to them.

I would imagine that most people have more than one thing they save some money away for. For me it’s christmas as one thing and general savings as another. Currently also putting a bit of money away for a significant birthday. Having multiple goals, all with different end dates (or in some cases no end date) rather reduces the effectiveness of a one size does all single pot.

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great points - can confirm both in backlog, may take a few weeks to get done as still focusing on making live scope bug free and adding some new features. not too long though, so hopefully you will bear with us.

in terms of products - the 5% bonds are instant access. we are also doing some more term deposit type products as well as treasuries through ETFs on the Invest shelf.


Great to hear that these ideas are already being looked at for inclusion into the app. Thanks for keeping us updated AC

Great to hear about the new features on the backlog :+1:t2: Is there anywhere that the backlog is shared for customer view, so we know what is coming? The transparency and future view is/can be an exciting marketing exercise.

And thanks for the product update, but customers will not receive their interest payments if they do not complete a 12 month cycle? I was thinking a savings product that offers instant access with interest paid monthly perhaps at a lower 0.75-1.5% rate?

Thank you :rocket:

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Just to add to the thread - is it possible to see the money you have in the bonds onto the main save page as part of the money in your savings? i.e. contributing towards a wishlist?

So you have the slope for: “total savings”, “rules” “interest” and then “bonds”.

I think this would just make it more visual of where your bonds are and what they are doing for your overall savings portfolio.

Bonds pay interest monthly - at 5% pa. And you can sell them back to us at any time. Cool, eh? :slight_smile:

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This is definitely the intended experience, especially given bonds are instant access. Will look into it in case theres a bug.

Oh sorry, on the transparency, think we can do it as soon as am happy with all bug-fixing for launch scope, so by end of March say.

Really cool! Looks like I’ll be opening a few bonds. Fantastic product

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the website details well the app and the mission of dozens, but I think there needs to be more about the products and how they work in simple customer terms. I work for a bank and tried to navigate myself around to find out more about the bonds and struggled. I suppose for customers more unfamiliar with banking, bonds and investments, information that isn’t easily accessible and easy to understand will prevent them from taking up products. Luckily I can speak to you guys which is great! :+1:t2:


Thanks :slight_smile: we are in the midst of a big website upgrade, so this is definitely being worked on!