Savings interest statement

After competing the old tax return (a day early this year!) just wanted to offer a small suggestion.

Can you please make easily available the (gross) interest paid on non-ISA accounts in a given tax year? All the interest payments are shown in the PDFs you mailed last June, but it would be very helpful to have an explicit ‘put this number in your tax return’ figure somewhere (in-app probably ideal).

I can imagine this would make life a bit easier for people with multiple bonds, especially where they have a mix of ISA and non-ISA bonds.


Technically, it’s called a Consolidated Tax Certificate. This is one of the reason I did not take up the Dozens Black offer in December, because I worried that my tax affairs may be complicated if Dozens can’t provide one, or can’t provide an accurate one. Don’t be surprised, some financial institutions in the UK have issued inaccurate CTCs in the past. Without a CTC, calculating dividends and capital gains for a non-UK domiciled UK reporting fund (all ETFs available on Dozens are in this category) can be complicated and error prone.