Savers' Awards

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Maybe they’re running the monthly draw?


Mine look to still be there! Not sure what is happening :thinking::thinking:

Mine have definitely disappeared

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Hmm very strange - I’m on the same build and mine are still there (not that I had very many)

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Just jumping in quickly to say we are going through the final steps of testing of this - so it is not a bug … though we may yet find some … but I will be able to share more information very shortly :slight_smile:


Ahha! I knew something was going on. :female_detective::female_detective::female_detective:


Pilot draw for a lucky few? :stuck_out_tongue:

My Spend > List is also not showing any of my transactions from yesterday or today, though my balance is updating and I’m getting notifications.

Is this all expected?!

Nope, not expected. I’ve not heard of any other issues. Have you tried logging out and in again?

The stuff we are working on should not affect the spend list itself. If you have any further issues, PM me or email and we can look into it in more detail


Stuck on this now

I’ll be in touch with Help in a bit

The Savers Awards were announced - click here for more information on the first draw

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Hard to tell when no nominations are showing anyway…