Savers awards prize

Just posting to say thank you for giving me £100 for winning a savings award. Very nice surprise! :slightly_smiling_face:


Many congratulations! :tada:

We’ve been handing these out to 10 lucky winners each month for some time now but although @Gaoler was a previous winner we’ve not heard about many community members - maybe keeping it secret like lottery millionaires? :slight_smile:

As my colleague memorably explained these to me when I first heard about them, the Savers Awards are a bit like “cashback for savers”. I like the idea.

@nelliep any idea what you will do with the award?

A good saver would probably save it :wink:

It would be a nice touch if it was paid directly into Grow!


I have kept it in spend…but will be saving it for now. Doesn’t make much odds as the grow doesn’t earn interest. I’ve used the bonds for that!

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That’s a great idea. In fact, I won last month too and that was exactly what I did, saved them… and probably all the good savers think the same :wink:


If you want to know more about our Savers Awards, there is more information in this topic:

alternatively, visit the Dozens Help Centre and search for articles about Savers Awards