Roundup spending savings rule

I really enjoy having and using the saving rules that Dozens has, particularly the roundup savings rule which rounds up a cost and transfers the difference into my savings. However, it is annoying that they are applied after the payment has happened. Furthermore, they are displayed as separate spending transactions which means that my spending history quickly becomes littered with transactions of £0.07 etc.

I notice that Monzo includes the roundup figure in the original transaction. Say, for example, I purchase something that costs £2.99 with Monzo, Monzo will list that as £3.00 with a little icon that signifies the cost was rounded up. In this case, only one transaction is listed, not two. Is there a way to emulate this feature?

In my opinion, it would be super helpful, especially as a way to de-clutter my spending history.

Dear Jason, thanks for your feedback, we were also aware of this issue, and are solving it in one of the upcoming updates, so check it out :kissing_heart:


Cheers Katja!