Rob's Reading List - 6 Mar 2020

I come across a variety of articles each week that give me more perspective on issues around personal debt, developments in fintech, or innovation in financial services or maybe in the wider economy. I’d like to share a few of the interesting ones in case anyone is interested. I hope you enjoy browsing through them.

Note, some may be behind paywalls (I will try to mark these) but I will share in case you have access or choose to subscribe.

Please bear in mind that I share these in a spirit of curiosity and personal education. These are not intended to be an endorsement of the content or the publication.

Reading List 6 March 2020

[FT paywall - though this link should work]
An interesting list of different voices covering money matters on Instagram. If we are to bridge the financial education gap, we need to make sure we are reaching people where they hang out … particularly if it is also the place they are making spending decisions. Dozens can’t advocate any of these in particular, but we would definitely be interested in who YOU follow. Is there good advice out there worth sharing?

A very scary insight into the murky worlds of financial fraud and money-laundering. We published something about money muling recently ourselves.

I try to squeeze in something we’ve published recently, and this deserves its place as I worked on it myself. I’m very interested in getting a better description of ‘financial wellness’ or ‘financial wellbeing’ because understanding this will help in so many other parts of our lives. I trust you enjoy this short article

I couldn’t not refer to the big story of the moment, but to be honest I am not sure yet what to say. Covid-19 is likely to have a BIG impact on the UK economy, but how big we have yet to see. However, one of the first to be impacted will be those who work in the ‘gig economy’ as they have no sick pay.

Finishing with a long read, but an uplifting one. Not all businesses can do this, but there are messages for all of us at any level in our companies about helping others, speaking up, sharing issues and realising that whatever we want in our own lives, we are in this together.