Results from the first 5% p.a. fixed-interest bond issuance

Hi @robert can you confirm… I know you guys said at least the first £1million of bonds would be subject to the 5% ‘protection’… Given we’ve had the first issuance of £100k what does that mean for the £1m offering in March? Are they still under the ‘trust’ bond model?

Also can you confirm if you go for the next (march) issuance and are successful and opt for the s&s isa (on the basis of not having one for 18/19 already) that this will count for the pre April 5th 2018/2019 allowance? Cheers

When we launched we put aside money to provide the interest for up to £1m of investment in our Trust Bonds.

Because of the popularity of these and the demand, that amount has been increased, so we are able to offer a larger volume of bonds, including the upcoming March issuance. We will continue with exactly the same model.

The March issuance will happen before the end of the 2018-19 tax year, yes.


Clear and prompt response as always! Thanks!

I have the app now but I don’t see anything about bidding for March.
I have contributed money to another ISA account this tax year would that mean I cannot bif for this issue?

You can use a GIA instead of an ISA if you’d like.

Thank you.
has the bidding started?

Not yet.

I understand it has been held back slightly due to the current Crowdfunding - it appears to be being offered as an investment perk as well as the regular use.

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the bond bidding opens next week so we can update the app and also get more customers into the app