Reselling bonds

Being a responsible investor, I just read the 5% bond terms while resubmitting my cancelled bid from April.

I notice that the bonds can be resold (with a hint that, in practice, this could only work between Dozens customers). I can see that it would be tricky - but presumably someone could seek to do this, perhaps getting back their original sum, plus some portion of the future interest - rather than just cashing in at face value, and losing the future interest.

I’d hate to see a system whereby every month the bonds sell out, and then a bunch of people who bought them to make a quick profit try and offload them at some small markup. But the idea that someone who’d bought a big bond, and needed to cash it out could sell it for an amount that included some of the outstanding interest would be good - especially in the current climate.

Has anyone actually done this? Is bond trading something we might see in-app in the future?

Thanks very much for taking the time to read our bond terms.

While Dozens Savings plc’s bonds were created to encourage first time investors to invest with assured great returns (with the hope that the investment would be held for the full life cycle), we appreciate that some bondholders will want to sell their bonds before maturity. As you know, the bonds are listed on Aquis Stock Exchange (formerly NEX) which means you can sell them on exchange if you don’t want them anymore. Project Imagine Ltd, the parent company of Dozens Savings plc, has also agreed to provide additional and guaranteed liquidity, by purchasing bonds from customers at par when a bondholder wishes to sell. However, you do raise a timely point, as we’re currently working with our market maker to make trading on exchange more palatable for bondholders who wish to sell on exchange rather than to Project Imagine Ltd.