Reporting bugs, errors or questions

If you come across a bug in the app or application process, we would love it if you could let us know so we can fix it for you but also everyone else using dozens.

For general issues, particularly to how we can best use the app, posting in an appropriate #Need-some-help category is absolutely fine (great in fact) because we can answer any queries and let others know the solution if they happen to come across it too.

However, if you have anything specific or private, it would not be right to post screenshots with this information, or to expect users to have to anonymise it. Therefore, if you have a bug to report, send us as much information as you can and we will try to reproduce it, and put it on the list to fix.

To do this:

  • send an email to telling us what you were trying to do - adding a screenshot would be awesome!

  • If you could also say what mobile (model) and system (iOS or Android) you use, and

  • What version of the dozens app you have installed

You can also get in touch with us via the app’s customer service channels, and one of our incredible support agents will do their best to help :slight_smile:


Hi, iPhone 8+ I 've had difficulties with the signup process. Scanner does not read my UK passport (2 years old) but instantly recognized my driving license. Help seems to need ‘mail’ app installed (I use Fastmail’s own iOS app) why? is this what is referred to in the podcast as ‘chatbot’. Thus far I am slightly disappointed as the onboarding process does not live up to Starling Monzo or Moneyhub.

Sorry to hear that @Aoi

With an iPhone 8 you should not have a problem with the software, but document scanning can be tricky according to lighting conditions and so on.

I know that some iOS capture has had issues because it is a little abrupt, not giving time for the user to get the camera in position and be steady. We’re aware of this and looking into it. I think the flatness of a licence makes it a much easier proposition, but that is an image quality issue rather than document one.

The contact button currently opens an email on your phone. It is a simple mail link (AFAIK) so it is the phone that should choose the relevant app to open. I’ll look into that more though.

There are other contact options within the app, but before you’ve completed authentication these are not available.

Sorry you’ve had a some issues but I hope we’ll address them and get you into the app shortly


Thanks Robert, I’ve realized that the DVLA has left out a hypen in my surname, it’s the only document I have like this, perhaps that’s making a problem?

It’s a shame you had that experience. For me - and this is based on a flawless experience* - I think I preferred the Dozens sign-up to either Monzo or Starling - from memory it seemed quicker, and reading out numbers rather than reciting a painful script was a definite bonus.

*Except for not being able to click on the email links - which seems to be a general problem at the moment.


For what it’s worth, mail links on iOS are a little funky. It’s true that if you do nothing but use a simple mail link, it leaves it up to the phone to sort out with mail app to use, except on iOS, Apple doesn’t allow you to set any other app as the mail default. Most apps get past this by having a separate setting to let you choose which mail app you want to use. For example, see Google Calendar > Settings > Apps from Google. This holds true for simple href links as well, apple forces these to open in Safari so app developers have to implement a custom setting to let users choose a custom browser. It’s all very frustrating and silly on the part of Apple!

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The Monzo process was definitely faster for me. I did have some difficulty with scanning my passport in the dozens app though, it took me about 5 attempts. But I do agree regarding the video, reading out a few numbers then looking to one direction was nicer than the script :smiley:

I found the signup process painless and just as fast as monzo/starling. I too liked the fact that you just had to say some numbers rather than a script for the video. One possible bug that I did notice though was that for my security question the app did not allow me to choose the option of mothers maiden name (kept giving me an error) so I had to choose a different question which was fine. On andriod - Google Pixel 3

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Hi @kthomas thanks for flagging the issue! We’re aware of it and it should be sorted shortly.

Hi, I signed up on Friday but it seems my documents are still being checked :frowning: Is everything okay? :grimacing:

We’ve been working through them all and they are being cleared, but that is a rather long time, yes.

Accounts in the community are not linked to any applications or to dozens accounts (I don’t even have your name), so the best thing if you have any query is to write to and someone will be able to look into this for you.

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Thanks Robert - I’ve sent an email :slight_smile:

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Same here - email sent and waiting since Friday as well.

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My id docs have been approved (thanks Rob!) and I’m now in the wait list… However, it seems every time I open the Dozens app to check on my position (yeah - like it would have changed much in the last 3 hours), I get the ‘Enter phone number/Open an account/Log in’ screen on my Google Nexus 6 running Android 7.1.1 running App Obviously this means going through SMS verification (and I know that costs money) even though I’ve marked ‘Trust this device’. Is there a bug?


I’m SO glad to hear that it has completed. Sorry it took a little while, but we have extra resources here to go through the backlog of checks :slight_smile:

The behaviour you are seeing is (generally) correct. It is the 2-factor authentication for the app running on the Android platform on phones without alternatives such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

This is part of our current testing, so let us know what you think of this security setting. Maybe it is too restrictive? On the other hand, it makes your account more safe than an app that allows your banking details to stay accessible long after you may have moved away from that app.

I’d appreciate your thoughts on the experience over the next weeks

It does feel too restrictive - I might understand the SMS verification if I had reinstalled the app/new phone or actively logged out, but just pressing ‘Home’ to go back to normal Android and then back in a bit later seems excessive - I’ve set up a 5 digit PIN code for authentication so, IMHO, it should default to asking for that for basic security (like Starling or Bunq or N26’s/Nationwide password).

If there needs be be ‘enhanced security/2 factor’, beyond that and beyond the PIN I have set on my phone perhaps only prompt for SMS authentication if I need to ‘elevate my privileges’ (i.e. actually perform a transfer/change details etc) and haven’t SMSd for an hour or so.

I feel Monzo may be slightly lacking in ‘security theatre’ (it has card PIN confirmation on transfers - so security there - but defaults to OS/Phone security for ‘viewing’), the N26 ‘pass pattern’ is okay for low-security (I note it switches back to password around a day as a nice compromise), but the SMS flow should be reserved for setup (it’s especially a problem at my home as our mobile signal is ‘iffy’ at best - just ‘one’ bar atm).

Sorry for the rambling and comparison to other rivals! Please let me know if we shouldn’t mention ‘the others’ :wink:


Could you please confirm who the named legal owners, named trustees (where applicable) and named beneficial owners will be for finds held in the segregated client accounts, and for bond funds held in trustee-controlled accounts?

Will this be Project Imagine, dozens, or individual account holders?

I have concerns regarding the apparent lack of FSCS protection for funds held in the ‘current’ or ‘spending’ accounts.

Thank you

How do I start a new thread on this forum? I’m on mobile. Can see how to reply but no indication of how to start a new thread.

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When you first load the site, do you see the black button near the top that says 'NEW TOPIC"? That’s what you are looking for.

You will also need to select an appropriate category

Funnily enough I’ve just received an automatic welcome message with a link for starting a new topic. But it’s still like to know where to find the link on the community itself.