Reopening Accounts

Just wondering if you’re able to re-open or allow us open a new account where we closed it.

I closed my Dozens account because I wasn’t using it but my financial situation has changed and I’d like to get back to using it if possible

That’s a good question

Yes, we are able to reopen accounts if it was you who decided to close your account.

It may be necessary to update your information and go through ‘KYC’ so that we have up to date details, but generally there should be no issue.

You will probably need a new account, so right now they’re may be a slight delay as we’re right in the process of migrating systems, but do get in touch with customer service and get them to help you out

Welcome back!

Thanks Rob

I’ve contacted CS, looking forward to using Dozens and getting some savings going

My colleagues have pointed out to me, unfortunately, that this is going to take longer than I realised I’m afraid.

We are in the middle of the migration from Mastercard to Visa & Clearbank, but this involves a major change on our systems (we’re “upgrading our whole tech stack” - in developer-speak) and the process for reopening closed accounts from the old system is not available at the moment.

It could take some time for the full new systems to be available and for us to then be able to ‘reopen’ accounts on the new one. Sorry about this. You are not alone, so we are working on this, but I’m afraid you’ll have to bear with us while we complete the upgrade.

Sorry for getting your hopes up there


Is there any update on this now your switch over is complete…

Also is there any reason I cannot sign up as a new customer with a different phone number considering that’s what you seem to be using to indentify me.

Not Trying be troublesome just eager to get back on the Dozens train :slight_smile:

We’re so glad you’re eager, and hope have you back in again, soon!

Now that we’re on the other side of the migration, we’ve reopened discussion around account reopening, so watch this space for an update soon.


Is there any update here.

I’ve asked customer service a few times and it doesn’t seem to be happening.

Seems a shame that something can’t be done (even as a one off until you have a proper process in place).

Would it work if I signed up using a different phone number?

I’ve asked about this and am awaiting updated info from the team.

Reopening accounts was always a bit tricky, but particularly now across our new and old systems. There are also some risk factors which need to be assessed (not in your case, I assume :wink: ).

I know this issue was on the roadmap but will compete for priority with many other issues for new customers.

I’ll let you know what I find out.

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Thanks @robert

I could be risky :wink: , you won’t know until you check :slight_smile:

I’ll keep waiting :crossed_fingers: you’ll come up with something.

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my quartely check to see if this can be done yet :slight_smile:

any news here :thinking:

Can I just sign up a new account using a different phone number from before?

Hi @anon97013374 thanks for this. Appreciate you’ve been waiting on this for a while now! Leave with me and i’ll get back to you shortly… :+1:


Hi @anon97013374 I’ve spoken with the team in regards to reopening accounts.

The issue has been raised again and we’re currently checking plausibility - although this will require some time to implement. I will keep an eye on this for you, and let you know once we have an update.

Sorry nothing more concrete for the moment, but we’ll get you back on Dozens as soon as possible!

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Thanks for the update.

Starling, Monzo and Curve all do this by manually replacing the email address and the phone number on the account with dummy information.

I don’t make a habit of opening and closing accounts, I know this from experience with Starling though. Just one mans opinion but unless there is something in your systems preventing the changing of data, there solution doesn’t seem that hard.

Would an application be rejected if signed up using a different email address and phone number?

Big edit …. I don’t made a habit of opening and closing accounts :blush::flushed:

Your application would not be successful if you were to try signing up again.

I know I’m being vague but I can’t reveal any of our internal processes, as I’m sure you’ll understand.

I’ve left this with the team and we’ll in touch once we have more information. Thanks for raising this again :+1:

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