Release notes v1.6.5 - Track Updated

Release 1.6.5 (12th September, 2019)


To help everyone manage their money better we need to end the habit of slipping into overdraft at the end of the month. We created smart budgeting to tackle this. The tool is like no other as it adapts your daily budget if you’ve spent more or less than intended so far that week, to help you stay on track.

But we understand that seeing live calculations can feel a bit overwhelming. So while it’s the same advanced tool, we’ve given it a simpler, cleaner new look.

We’d love to know what you think!

New Design

We had to keep that text short for the app, but we’re VERY excited that we’ve been able to finally publish the revised TRACK function.

This is a complete redesign of the visual aspects of the tool, but keeps the underlying logic all the same, so your budgets and expenses are unaffected.

The look is much cleaner and more visually appealing, and is very much based on YOUR feedback to us here in the community, on our calls, and via your messages.

Over the next while I will try to bring you some walk-through videos of the new screens to help highlight the changes, and to help new users as well. These will be shared in the community as soon as they are ready.

Do let us know what you think


Enjoying the updated look in Track!
Much better use of the screen space

Just a few things I noticed.

Firstly, I was tapping Today and This Month, expecting it to take me to today/this month. Otherwise, it’s a bit tricky to find your way back to the current day/month.

1 September is in a week all of its own! There’s got to be a more elegant way of splitting the months and weeks.

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Thanks for jumping in - I’ll be posting something more about this in a bit

Interesting - I’ll ask if this sort of thing might be a tweak we could add

What date does your monthly budget start? If it starts on the 1st of every month AND this happens to be Sunday, then it will have a weekly screen to itself

The weeks are split between budget periods, so when you get to the end of a month you get a budget week for the last few days, and a separate budget week for the next month. It is only when the first day is a Saturday or Sunday that you might get surprised, but you’ll see an almost-complete week for the end of the August budget.

This needs to happen in order to separate out the weekly / daily targets for different budget months

Hope that’s clearer :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply @Robert!

I think it would be a nice little addition. It would then work like most calendar apps that all have some sort of “Go to today” button.

I completely see the logic, but the visual is then a bit ugly. It might be nice to have the split week displayed as a single week, but with some indication that it crosses two (monthly) budget periods.

Minor points though!
Keep up the good work

I think greying/fading the previous month but still displaying it could work.

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That would be nice and simple too

Can you fix this?

You can change the start date of your budget to be any day off the month you want, is that what you are asking?

I mean the weekly screen to itself, it’s a bit useless

Since the last update track doesn’t seem to be picking up all transactions.

For example today I used the card twice and it only picked up one of the transactions for the track section (I have been charged for both transactions!)

Obviously this throws the budget out the window as it were and has a knock on effect for the rest of the budget period.

It has probably been mentioned before, but having the option of saying - ‘I want my budget to be £x for this week’ and have it divide by 7 would be more accurate and less time consuming than at the moment having to tweak it to take into account ‘expenses’

At the moment I mainly use my dozens account for ‘discretionary spending’, so transfer money across on a weekly basis, so the option for the budget to be able to be reset weekly on a day of my choosing would be great.

I’ve not seen that issue anywhere before. Would you mind sharing that with us here (or me privately) so I can see why that might be? It certainly should work

One possibility is that the second transaction was automatically categorised into one of your expenses lines, and therefore does not count towards your weekly budget. Is that possible?

We now can cater for more varied income periods. What you could do is add your regular amount as a weekly income, and the budget will then calculate daily value that works across the month. Would that help?

In all fairness it may be something that I have done, as it seems to be only tesco transactions that aren’t showing up.

I have dropped the help@dizens team an email with the relevant screenshots etc.

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Thanks for your help @robert - I had set up my budget and had listed Tesco under the expenses category, which meant that any time I shopped there it didn’t show up on ‘Track’. All sorted now!


I think lots of people make this mistake at the start!

Some walkthrough videos/guides would help a lot, I think.


(@robert starts typing faster)

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