Release Notes v1.23 - Grow breakdown

Release notes - Version 1.23.0

Grow breakdown

You’ll now be able to see a breakdown of your cash savings in the Grow section. Just head over to Grow and click on ‘view details’ next to your savings balance. You’ll be able to see if your cashing savings sit in your GIA or ISA.

The Grow breakdown will be updated once a day, Monday to Friday (not weekends). So, if you’ve make any changes today, this will display on your balance tomorrow.

Strong Customer Authentication

A small addition to this feature.

Now, when asked to verify an online payment, you can also see a pop up message on your home screen that will take you to the authorisation page where you can choose to either accept or decline your payment. This is in addition to the push notification.

AOS category fix

Payments will now automatically be assigned a category depending on merchant type. This already exists on IOS, but now it should be more helpful for Android users to track their spend.

AOS Narrow Screen Issue

We’ve now fixed the formatting issue that prevented text from displaying correctly on narrower phones.

@Peter, Fran and the product team even bought a Galaxy Fold just to test it for you! Thank you for pointing this out as it’s helping us future-proof our formatting on android devices of all shapes and sizes.

I hope you find these useful, and as ever let me know if you have any questions, issues or feedback :slight_smile:


My “my cash savings” value given in the Grow tab is greater than the “total cash savings” number given on the Grow breakdown page.

I suspect this is probably because one of my investments has recently been sold and the Grow tab has been updated before the Grow breakdown page. It’s going to cause confusion if things are getting updated at different times.

Hi @o99 I understand that in this instance it could get confusing. It will also be true if someone popped any amount in their cash savings (a savings rule or a round-up), as their grow breakdown will still be displaying the previous day’s amount. The app will let you know if your Grow breakdown has changed in this time and will be updated for the next working day.

Also worth pointing out that this requires manual uploads by our treasury team so, for the moment, we wouldn’t be able upload more than once a day.

Hopefully it’s a worthwhile feature however, and a good bridge between this version of the app and Dozens 2.0.