Release notes v1.16.1 (AOS) / v1.9.17 (iOS)

Release notes 1/7/21

  • Android (AOS): v1.16.1
  • iPhone (iOS): v1.9.17 (this shows in the app as 1.13.30) - you can use either when reporting any issues


We’ve teamed up with Flux, so you can receive & keep digital receipts in the app when you shop at selected retailers. These digital receipts can even be used as proof of purchase and to return items.

You will receive notifications about successful completion of Direct Debits, and get an alert in advance if you don’t have enough funds to complete them.

With this release we’ve also fixed some bugs and updated the minimum supported version to Android 6.0 to improve security & performance

Further notes:

Some very exciting features this month.

Flux integration

The biggest news is the release of an integration of Flux digital receipts in the app. This is a new integration, and we’d like to ensure all aspects of it are working seamlessly for customers, so we have introduced it to the live app, but we’ll be promoting this more to all customers in the next few weeks.

The idea is that if you make a purchase using your Dozens card or account at a merchant that has agreed to share data with Flux, you will then get to see the complete receipt in your app. You can use this to see what you bought, and when, but you also have a record for any returns, warranty claims, insurance, etc. You get all the benefits of being that super-organised person who collected and filed all those purchase receipts, without actually needing to use or keep any paper. That’s great for you and for the environment.

More news on this soon, however, I am asking our regular members here who like to be the first to test new features, to send us any feedback or reactions in the usual way as this is the best way to properly test this new feature.

Direct Debit Alerts

Another new feature we trust will help is a notification that alerts you when Direct Debits have been paid, but also warns you in advance if your balance is not enough to cover the upcoming payments. It gives you time (if you move quickly) to add funds to your account and avoid any missed payment complications or fees.

Android upgrades

Finally, as we have discussed elsewhere, we’ve upgraded the minimum version of the Android operating system (OS) that you need to have on your mobile to run the dozens app. This is a security issue, not just for Dozens, but also for your phone and data in general, so we hope you are not affected, but understand the need that we need to upgrade from time to time. We will need to do the same for iOS soon. Join the discussion here if you would like to know more or leave us your thoughts: