Release notes v1.14.0

Release notes v1.14.0 (20/4/2021)


Are you expecting money from abroad? You can now receive money as well as sending it using your Dozens account. All Dozens accounts now have their own IBAN. Tap on your card settings in the app, and find your new IBAN number with your account details so you can share this with your contacts.

Other tweaks and bug fixes included as well, of course.

Further notes:

Here’s a sample of the account details screen including your IBAN number and the BIC number:

You can get to this two ways at the moment:

  1. Go to Spend, under your card, tap on the ‘Card’ gear icon and you will find your account details at the top of the screen. Tap these to see full details

  2. On any main screen, tap the avatar in the top left to get to Your Profile where you will also find Your Money. Here, tap on ‘Account’ and you will see your current account details and balance. If you click on this, you get to your statements, but below, you will see a button to get account details.

Do let me know if you get a chance to test this new account feature and what your experience was.

And let me know below if you have any questions


As the topic has come up elsewhere and I’ve also been asked privately, I would like to add the following:

Are there any fees, or exchange rates margins, applied to inbound transfers?

There are no Dozens fees or exchange rates applied for inbound transfers. Since our accounts only hold £GBP, the originating bank will make the exchange, and once that is done, you will then receive the full converted amount in your Dozens account.

We don’t control if that original bank charges a fee or charges for the conversion, but there is no additional fee for receiving this into your Dozens account.