Release 1.9.21 - Standing Orders, ISA/GIA Split and PIN change

Excited to reveal some updates coming to your Dozens app very soon…

GIA & ISA Split

One feature that keeps popping up on the wishlist is to clearly see how much you have held in an Individual Savings Account (ISA) versus General Investment Account (GIA).

I’m pleased to announce that the latest update will allow you to see how your funds are split across your GIA and ISA.

For those of you who still hold bonds, you’ll be able to see in which tax wrapper these are held – as well as breakdowns for your cash savings and investments…

We’ll need to stagger these features over two releases:

Part one will be ISA / GIA labels on customers’ bonds and investments, as well as ISA/GIA breakdown at the top of the invest landing page.

Part two will show the ISA and GIA breakdown of Cash Savings. This breakdown will update in the app once a day (Mon-Fri) and requires a daily upload by our treasury team, so we’ll be releasing this in a couple of weeks to give the team a little more time to test the operations side.

As we head towards the end of the tax year, hopefully this comes in handy!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

Standing Orders

Another feature that will be released is the long awaited Standing Orders (SO). Not long to go now @Rexx !

A few of you have expressed that the lack of a standing order feature was stopping you from using Dozens as the main home for your money, so we are hugely excited about this release.

When SOs are live, we’d love to hear how you get on with it.

You’ll be able to find your standing orders in the Spend tab under Payments early next week.

PIN Change

Another sought after feature for many customers is the ability to change your card PIN within the app.

Again, this will be found in the Spend tab, under card details. Once you’ve followed the on screen steps, you’ll need to do a balance enquiry at an ATM to activate your new PIN and you’re good to go. It’s as easy as 1234 (but don’t make that your PIN!)

Strong Customer Authentication

Perhaps less exciting, but important all the same is the move to even stronger customer authentication for online payments.

You may have received an OTP text for certain transactions in the past. By March you’ll be able to approve transactions within the app, for a smoother, more secure checkout.

In line with SCA, we need to authenticate online payments through two of the three following elements:

Something the customer knows

(e.g., password or PIN)

Something the customer has

(e.g., phone or hardware token)

Something the customer is

(e.g., fingerprint or face recognition)

There are a few different thresholds that might trigger SCA. If you do need to authenticate the payment, you’ll be sent a push notification in the app. You’ll then be asked to provide your passcode or input your biometrics - once this is done you’ll be able to approve the payment in the next screen and return to the merchant site.

I hope that whets your appetite for the new releases and of course if you have any questions, please do let me know below.


Thanks, Rob. All good stuff, particularly excited for the in-app PIN change - is that a UK first?

In-app, but activated by using card at ATM. Believe one high street bank does this, but no other Fintechs that I can see :wink:


The ISA/GIA segregation looks confusing to me. Why not just treat them as separate accounts?! Thinking about it, the whole structure of the app is wrong for this though, so maybe you’re in a design cul-de-sac

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Sorry to hear that - although it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the full feature that you can look forward to, but hopefully helps for the time being until Dozens 2.0 is launched.


Have now received part one of update. Unfortunately, for me the current total on the Invest landing page doesn’t equal the sum of the GIA and ISA totals on this page. I assume it should?

Are you planning on adding information on ISA subscription used so far in current tax year? I’d suggest this is more important than knowing total ISA balance.


Wahey Standing Orders are there!


Thanks for raising - sorry to hear about this! Team investigating as we speak.

Yes, this is in our plans and will be part of a future release, sooner rather than later we hope :slight_smile:


Plus & Minus on Grow look a lot better as well


I don’t see them in my app. Do you need to set one up before you see the heading?

Hi @Peter Standing Order’s are in Spend > Payments and should be listed below Direct Debits.

Please can you confirm if your using IOS or android?

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Thanks Rob. I’m on Android (version 1.21.0). This is what I see:

Ok - thanks @Peter you may need to delete your cache. Please can you long press on the app icon → App info → Storage & cache → Clear storage. Or if it’s easier, reinstall the app. That should do it for you. Do let me know if not and I’ll get the team on the case!

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Thanks, that did it! (I had to delete all data rather than just the cache but that sorted it).

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@o99 Again, sorry for the issue with this. The team has taken a look at this, can you please now try deleting the app and reinstalling it? Do let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

Just tried this. Didn’t fix the issue. My current total is still lower than sum of ISA and GIA.

I suspect the ISA total includes sold investments/goals so is reporting higher than expected values.

GIA might have same issue but I don’t have anything in GIA in Invest section so can’t comment on that based on my own account.

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Thank you @o99 - I’ll get some clarification and be back in touch.

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There was a mistake in what I wrote previously. I originally wrote “My current total is still higher than sum of ISA and GIA”. I meant lower. Have now edited the post.


@o99 We’ve created a fix for this thats due in the next update - i’ll give you a heads up when it’s available on Monday!


I’m running v.1.21 on Android.

Am trying to access my grow account but the + and - buttons don’t seem to work.

Has anyone else come across this?