Referral Codes And Benefits

Are there any plans for Dozens to operate a referral code system after the public launch?

I know that Monzo have the ‘Golden Ticket’ where you can refer somebody and they earn £5

Starling I believe have the hearts system, where after you’ve referred so many people you get a pair of Starling socks.

Are there any plans for Dozens to do something similar? It might not seem a lot, but it really incentivises happy customers to recommend the product if they think they’ll earn something themselves, or that their friends/family will earn something for signing up and it really helps getting the business name out there.

That’s a great question, and I can give you part of an answer now.

Yes! We would love to have our customers speak to their friends and encourage them to join you using Dozens. We will make it easy (and rewarding) to do this via the app - as you mention.

However, we have some limitations at the moment (that we have spoken about before - including the fact that in getting as many of our queue and our Seedrs investors into the app, we’ve more or less run out of our stock of available cards), so we would not want you to get excited but then have your friends waiting for too long to get the chance to use the app.

For this reason, we have disabled the ‘invite a friend’ button in the app for now.

In the next few weeks we will make this available and will also let you know about how we plan to share the rewards for those involved.

As a matter of interest, what kinds of things would motivate you (this is a question for all participants) to share the Dozens story with your friends, family and networks?