Re-include spending in weekly budget

I accidentally (in that I pressed it on purpose to see what happened) excluded a spend from my weekly budget. I actually want that spending back in my budget but cant seem to find an option to do it.

Am I being dumb? Can anyone help?

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I’m not sure about this - if you have specifically excluded it, I’m not sure there is a definite process to undo that at this stage. The point is that everything is already included unless the user excludes it, so the only reason would be for situations like this - to undo an action.

We’ll add this one to the list but it may take a short while to get this

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Cheers @robert. It would be nice to have an option to reverse an accidental press. I know it’s a couple of taps but there’s always an idiot like me who cant resist stabbing at every three dots/lines he sees.

Plus, it’s right next to the ‘add to monthly expenses’ button, so there is scope for actual accidental presses.