Progress is being made

Checked the app this morning and noted a significant uplift in registrations. Well done Dozens and thanks for letting us know. R-


Will be interesting to see how quickly that number grows. Exciting times ahead.

Indeed, but by the sounds of it they are opening up next week so the queue will be gone :slight_smile:

It may take a little longer!

While we start giving out more invite codes to broaden the test base of users, it will not be “open” as such. We will be giving priority to the people on the waitlist first, then it will get relaxed and eventually there will be no more queue, but this may take some weeks before it is all cleared.


Feel free to shoot me an invite code :wink:

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Thought there might be an Easter Egg… if you put the numbers that spell DOZENS (369367) it might have let me in but failed :rofl::rofl:


Nice try :grin::grin::grin:


One small step further along the path - my name now appears after “Hi”. It’s incorrect though. Can someone remind me of the e-mail to let the good folk at Dozens know? Thanks, R-

I did the exact same thing. Then I realised it also lets you put in letters so tried dozens no luck with either :cry:

please contact us at


Thank you - e-mail sent. R-

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