Poll: Which saver are you?

Question: If there are six kinds of savers… Which one are you? :thinking:

All of us in the office put our financial and creative minds together to try to break down the main different approaches we might take to saving. We came up with these 6. Did we miss something?

Are you a bury-your-head-in-the-sand type? Or maybe you’re a get-your-spreadsheet-out-on-payday type?

Check out the blog first and then cast your vote:

I’m dying to see what comes up! :grin:

  • The Natural
  • The Grafter
  • The Ostrich
  • The Investor
  • The Goalie
  • The Idealist

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Perhaps surprisingly, for someone who works at a Fintech, I’m an Ostrich. I’m so confident in providing advice for others to follow when it comes to saving, but I’d rather stick my head in the sand than think about my own! Glad to see it isn’t just me that feels like that, though…


I recognise myself as an Ostrich too - but with Natural tendencies, which is why I’m VERY happy to have married a Grafter who makes a lot of the effort for the savings, which I’m happy to enjoy, but if it were up to me alone …


Where’s the “silent seventh” option? :stuck_out_tongue: nah, I want to save, I’m just generally not willing to put in the effort to do so and I’d prefer to leave money as an afterthought so I’m probably an Ostrich too.

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It’s good that you want to save! Is there anything in particular you’re saving up for?

I’m currently building a holiday fund, since my mum wants to do a holiday for the whole family (her, her partner, me, my siblings, my siblings partners, my nan & grandad, and my niece and nephew). I’ve actually done quite well at saving for that one :grin:

But I mostly just want to build up an emergency fund, which I currently don’t have at all.


Lovely! A whole family trip is definitely a saving achievement. Where are you all going?

And yeah, emergency funds are one of those things we all know we should have but it’s so easy to put off. You’ve inspired me though! I’ve added it to my Wishlist. :star_struck:


It’ll probably be a little trip to Butlins, that was always the staple while I was growing up :smile:

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Have a great time! Who know’s, maybe you’ll get lucky in the arcade games and start that emergency fund. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is that a sneak preview of a new feature coming? :grin:

The wishlist feature is already in the app :wink: Just go to the “Grow” tab, and there’s a “create wishlist” option under your cash savings.

Granted, it’s pretty small and not very clear that it’s clickable.


Oh yeah! Never noticed that before!


Great point! (thanks as ever @Albatross for quick-fire reply).

Maybe @JuB can give us a masterclass on setting these up - I imagine we will be wishing for a lot of stuff right now

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ahaha i’m such a Grafter!

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Same! What things do you have to spend on makes you most frustrated? (for me it’s transport!)

I personally feel more like a Grafter when iI know I want or need to buy something.
I would spend hours browsing online to look to find the best price on which company’s website. even for 1p difference! Finding voucher codes, using TopCashback, etc…!
Small savings but little by little makes it big!

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That’s a great habit to have developed. What are you saving up for at the moment?

Upgrading my new place :slight_smile:
At least, on positive thing about the current situation is not to make me run away from DIY :smiley:

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I wonder how many people in the UK are suddenly doing home renovations at the moment. We’ll all have perfect gardens and newly painted bathrooms in a few weeks. :toolbox:

Which DIY projects have you been made to face at the moment?

B&Q, Screwfix, etc…they all reported a surge of +50% of sales before official social distancing.
So definitely folks are doing some DIY projects to keep busy!

Personally, we did re-do the whole living room. FInally something to our taste :wink: