Plans for a web app?

Do Dozens have any plans for offering a web app alongside the mobile app?

The lack of an alternative to my phone is the main reason that my primary bank account is still with a “legacy” bank instead of one of the fintech startups. I’m simply never going to use a bank with a single point of failure as my primary account.

This becomes even more important if we’re talking about longer term investments, such as what Dozens are planning. If I’m invested in a fund that I’m planning to hold for 10+ years, I don’t want to be tied to a bank that is so deeply reliant on two current operating systems (Android/iOS). If in 5 years time the next wave of computing comes along, I don’t want to have to choose between losing access to my investments or sticking with an obsolete computing platform until Dozens port their app.

I understand of course that supporting more platforms is significantly more overhead, but I really do think that a web app is important. Certainly for me it’s a deal breaker for anything more than pocket money spending.


100% agree.

Having website access is vital. One can manage one’s finances much easier on a computer.

But I wouldn’t personally have any faith in dozens listening to what you are saying. Their priority is to be “cool” and “funky” as that attracts Millennials rather than serving customers’ interests e.g. the March issuance of their heavily-marketed bond still hasn’t launched in June!

But the delay is down to complying fully with regulations not indifference on part of Dozens.


I think you are being a little unfair although time may prove me wrong. My take is that they have been very ambitious but are, in some areas, struggling to match delivery against intent. The delay to the bond issuance is frustrating as it is a significant element of their proposition but I am hoping that it won’t be much longer and before long things will settle into a bit more of a steady, business as usual, rhythm. I will keep the faith a little longer but am keen to get some return on my ‘savings’. With respect to the web interface, I would agree it should be on the road-map however I think the current priority should be to deliver the planned services and pursue a banking licence.

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Great question, and one we’ve heard from a few customers. The short answer is “Yes, but …”

The slightly longer answer is that we definitely understand that there could be benefits to having a web / desktop profile of some sort linked to an account. However, making it happen without slowing down the development and innovation on mobile is also tricky. We are still a young business with limited resources, so we need to focus where we can do the most good for the most people.

Having said that, there are developments such as for business banking, where we can see unique benefits that may require this development and therefore can also help with accessibility issues like you mention. We are therefore actively working on this, although I can’t say when they might yet be available.

Sorry to hear you feel that is the case @DozensFan but I can assure you that I’m neither trying to be cool or funky, but I definitely do care what customers say.

I do hope we can meet soon so I can reassure you of that in person (we will have news on events very soon).

The fixed interest bonds will hopefully be available again very soon.


@robert, working on a Sunday, true commitment to the cause.

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Ha. Always connected (on mobile)

In fact I’m heading to a fintech conference right now. Sunday flight from Gatwick !!

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I’d love a web app too but I understand at this point the priority would be the mobile app. I think I would at least like access on (limited?) multiple devices without having to log in/out each time.


next wave of computing??
I’m sure that will be something of mobile platform too.
If you trace back 17 years on tech discussion, people want portability for a specific reason. Gaming, communication, services etc.
I’m speculating that the future of mobile wave >> computing wave.
But I don’t doubt website has its uses.

Another thing is I don’t know why are people so eager for 5% return.
Even if I successfully bid £2k, I only get £100.
I am happy to wait a little more to ensure more backend stuff is sorted.
I too understand on one hand it is losing steam, losing customer interest. But going too fast and ruining things lose customer faith.
Faith vs interest?

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Yeah, it’ll probably be some sort of mobile platform, but very likely not running on Android/iOS. Just as there’s virtually no phones running Windows any more. I’m confident, however, that it will have a web browser.

I don’t entirely disagree with you. However, as an example this doesn’t really hold up. The Windows mobile OS was the last of the 3 onto the market, and therefore wasn’t overtaken by a newer platform, it was a platform that failed to take off due to the hold the other 2 platforms already had on the market.

Not really. There were windows mobile “smartphones” long before Android or iPhones existed, but they weren’t very successful. Granted, Windows Phone (Microsoft’s attempt to rewrite + rebrand Windows Mobile) was late to market, but I don’t see how that affects my argument.

There’s no reason to believe that Android/iOS will be the first movers in whatever turns out to be successful next. Plenty of companies will be trying to get there before Google/Apple, just like Google and Apple got mobile right before Microsoft did.

true, the PDAs before smartphone were mostly Microsoft.
However iOS and Android surpass as leaders because they made it a platform ecosystem, and that created a network effect

But I disagree your view that future computing leader is not iOS or Android.
I think the industry has grown too big and they can maintain leader position
either by, doing their own R&D into next computing generation,
or by, acquiring new startups who create these
So it might not exactly be iOS or Android, but I’m sure the people and the company will still be very closely related to Apple or Alphabet.

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Everything you’ve said there could have been said about Microsoft 15 years ago, when talking about PCs :wink:

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Ya now that you point it out… I feel dumb saying that hahaha

Same time very optimistic! There is still chance to create something bigger than apple and Google!

Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but it seems appropriate.

On the PI1 website, the user experience options are listed as:

Voice Interface

Desktop UI

(aside: that copy/paster was both funkier and prettier than expected!)

Given that desktop is listed, I was wondering whether we could get a sneak at the white-label desktop solution - and an update if there’s any plan to bring it to Dozens?

(also keep to hear about the other interfaces: are you thinking about Google and Alexa for voice? And what about smart watches?)