PIN change failed

I tried twice today at around 4.45pm to change the PIN on my mango Visa card, both times this failed with a message suggesting it was an problem with my card issuer. Has anyone else been having problems with changing their PIN?

Will have to try at another cash machine tomorrow.

To change your PIN at the moment, you will need to contact customer service who will assist you. This is something I’m looking into at the moment for more information


Also in this boat. Tried yesterday at Post Office and it failed. Assumed it was the machine so withdrew a tenner to prove that existing pin worked before going shopping with same pin.

Hi Robert,

Any update on this? I tried to change a couple of times last week and had issues, just got around to looking on the forum now…

No change yet. We need our partners to make a change on their end first to make it possible.

You cannot select your own PIN but should you need to generate a new one, or team can help. You can always check your current PIN in the app

Any update on the timeline for this, would like to be able to change the PIN.

Nothing yet - we are awaiting some changes on our partner’s side before we can implement it

I believe they said Q1 … but that can mean a lot of things. I will raise it internally again, but it is also a priority for us

(… and me, since I went out and spent on the card instead of Google Pay for a change and I suddenly realised I had no idea what my PIN was these days)

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:slight_smile: pretty much what happened to me last night and flaky cell phone signal didn’t help, hence the query.

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Just bumping this one - haven’t tried again but is there any progress on this?

no changes yet - we are still in the hands of our partner here. As soon as they enable this process we will get working on rolling it out to customers