Petrol garage pre-pay failure

Hi, attempted to use my dozens card at the petrol station yesterday, but the card was rejected by the petrol pump. I was able to pay for my fuel at the counter.
Don’t know if that’s a MasterCard failure?!

This is possibly to do with the pre-auth process - the pump will try to ensure you have the full balance of £99 available before authorising you to take fuel - was your total balance below this by any chance?

Nope, well above

Dozens is a prepay card, as such most pay at pumps can’t authorise it because of the way they process the transaction, Dozens can choose to make that work but its not a simple option due to how the pre pay system is designed, even established prepay cards like Curve have still not fully enabled it.

Some pumps may work, but generally they won’t, unless its a feature that is enabled by Dozens.

Ah, ok thanks. Good to know

this is something covered in the FAQs but here’s something written before on this subject.

Thanks Rob

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Not when it’s late at night and there is no cashier :thinking:

Also doesn’t help those who struggle with interaction - would be nice if Dozens could set an offline limit for the card configuration.