Paying a business


I’m absolutely loving my dozens account, so much so, I’m taking the “plunge” and going to use it as my day to day current account. Everything is exactly what I would want from a bank and I’m totally impressed. I’ve tried other fintechs, like monzo and Revolut, and dozens in my opinion is a mile ahead so far in their progress.

The only option I’m a little confused with in the bank transfer section, when paying a business? This option isn’t available? Can I ask when the option will be available instead of simply “pay a person”.



thanks for the support - much appreciated and we’re glad it works so well for you.

We are planning to develop those screens to offer you more business or bills-specific fields, but it is not likely to be in the next few updates I’m afraid, so could be a couple of months. However, feedback from users like this can help to make it a higher priority, so let us know of any issues.

For the time being, you can use the existing fields and make sure you put the full company name in the First Name field of the Payee details. It will then appear correctly on our systems and in your app.

If you’re going to suggest this as a workaround remember a conversion feature when you actually do launch it.