Path to PI: Head of Product Delivery, Giovana Zortea

I have just realised that I was remiss in sharing the first of a new series about the people behind PI / Dozens.

We’ve shared some staff stories on our social channels before [like these about Suzanne Hsu on LinkedIn and Stevie Hilton on Facebook , but the short form of social media did not lend itself well to tell better stories about the people that work here. We want to share these stories, because we often talk about how PI/Dozens are different, but we want to show you that this really is true.

Many of you here have been talking to Giovana already … though you maybe didn’t know it.

Giovana and I work very closely together, because my reports of what the We Are Dozens community is talking about; your reports, your ideas and suggestions and anything to do with our product, are incredibly important to her. In fact we have a Product Delivery Slack channel where half of the content is my reports from you.

So, although I know she reads reports here, she doesn’t often have the time to engage directly, so I thought it would be nice to introduce you to her directly via this article.


This week Giovana will get a tube to get to a plane to get another plane to get a bus to get a cab to get to her family in time for Christmas.

My biggest question is did Giovana make it home for Christmas?

Good question.

In fact she did, but as you will have seen from the news since she has been there, it has actually been rather hard to get BACK … so we’ve added ‘Brazil’ to PI’s (temporary) list of offices around the world