"Our system has been unable to verify your details screen" - what next?

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Sometimes the automated systems have trouble validating IDs, glare on the ID photo is an example of something that could possibly affect this.

As the screen states, your application will have gone through to the compliance team though and a human will check it for you :smiley: I wouldn’t expect this to take too long.


Couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks @Albatross

@Castro we are busy with lots of applications at the moment, but we will review the application, and someone will be in touch in case we need other docs as soon as we can

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While you’re here, can you tell us how you found out about Dozens and what motivated you to sign up? It’s always great to hear what brings new customers to the wider community


What do I do now

Sit tight, Dozens will let you know once the process is complete :blush:


How long is the current waiting period to wait for my account to be manually verified? It’s been a couple of days.

i have faced the same problems but it has been months since my account has been checked

sorry about this @vijithan2001- If you are seeing this particular screen for any length of time (more than a few days) then please write to help@dozens.com and they can look into it for you

The queue itself is not moving very fast right now. It is there so we can manage the number of new cards we create and send, but as we are in the middle of testing the migration to a new system that will require us to issue new cards, there is little point creating the old ones today, so you may experience a short delay.

However, that is the queue - and if you are seeing the verification screen instead, this is probably a technical issue

i have been waiting months for verification though it showed me the same screen the bloke posted up there ^