Open banking integration through Bud

This is huge news guys! Congrats… Open banking integration through Bud that will allow linking of open banking accounts into the Dozens app so you can use the budgeting and spend tracking tools across all linked accounts…


thanks @afreeb - thought you might like the look of that

It is early days, but it creates a lot of exciting opportunities to deliver the kind of complete solution that we want Dozens to be.

Watch this space :slight_smile:


Anything more you can tell us about this news? I’ve been tantalised long enough!


Well, like we said, these are still early days. At this stage we have the agreement and we are working to integrate the systems.

Our first application will be to enable new/potential users to connect an existing external account to Dozens’ systems and see some of our features before having to download, complete KYC and spend time (and money) using the app to understand it better.

Longer term, there are other applications such as being able to connect accounts to better understand your total personal financial picture. You’ll be able to make more of any wealth management tools, and maybe also avoid having to answer questions about affordability as this can be done automatically if required.

I’m sure greater financial and technical minds than mine will be working on cool stuff already :slight_smile:

I will see if we can get some insights from the team in the near future - but first we’re working on the first steps and getting the systems integrated.