Notification at Bond maturity?

Would it be possible for Dozens to send a notification when someone’s 12 month bond ends?



It’s a bit strange that it doesn’t.

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Yes please!

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Hi @gt94sss2 Let me just double check this and I’ll get back to you soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @gt94sss2 At the moment, we don’t send notifications to customers who’s bonds have matured.

We do update our regulatory announcements here, but appreciate this may not be something you’d want to check each month!

Although we do try to keep our email communication to a minimum, I can appreciate this would be useful if you have multiple bonds. I’ll definitely feed this back to the team and let you know once I’ve got an update.

Thanks for the feedback :+1:

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Thanks for looking into this @RobD. I look forward to the update.

I would be quite happy if this was an app notification rather than an email - indeed I might well prefer that :slight_smile:


I think you could scrap the ‘bid received’ push notification - its superfluous as you’ve just hit the button in the app.

Instead, a push notification for capital repaid would be great. After all you send push notifications for all other payments in…


Thanks for this idea. We agree that it would be useful and we’ll get working on something suitable.

We’re working on a whole range of useful notifications for Direct Debits, Standing Orders and more, so we could add more for the bond maturity in there too.


Are ‘pending’ direct debits one of these things? The ability to see it coming before it’s due