Not all activities are shown in the transaction list

Not noticed this problem until recently but at present not all transactions are showing up. I downloaded a statement and they are shown and the cleared balance tallies. For example I shopped at Sainsbury’s this evening, nothing in the transaction list but the spend and round up both show on the statement. Separately this evening I settled an AMEX bill and that showed up straight away. Strange. Android 1.12.13 build 705.

That’s odd. So only the in - app transaction list is not updated?

Yes but it appears quite random, some are appearing and others aren’t. I would need to do a more detailed analysis but there are definitely some payments which have been made which have not appeared in the app but on review some at least, and I assume all, do appear on the statement. On the road at the moment so not easy to sit down and do a proper analysis but may get the chance at the weekend.

I’ve raised this already with my tech contacts so we can check systems, but it could be a specific issue relating to your account in some way, so it would help if you could contact customer service to create a ticket so we can assign someone to look into your account

sorry about this

Have cross posted this now in app chat.

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Directed to reinstall which I should really have tried myself first and all now as it should be. :blush:

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Glad to hear it.

We do ensure the balance is always accurate, as you said, but we’ll make sure the transaction lists are updated too.

Been having this problem for a while, even after the update it’s still not fixed :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. Have you already contacted the service team? They can raise a ticket to get someone to look into it.

One option is to force the app to reload all past transactions, which happens if you uninstall and reinstall the app. It is a bit of a pain, I understand, but could be a fix for this depending on what the issue might be.

Actually the reinstall was far less painful than I had expected, really very quick and easy, and I wish I hadn’t prevaricated about it in the first place!

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Yeah they’ve been looking into it.

Reinstalling the app brings up all previous transactions, but if I make any new ones they still don’t show up :frowning:

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