Not accepted for uber?

It appears dozens isn’t accepted as a payment method for uber and uber eats? Are you aware and are there any fixes planned?

it is accepted by Uber and Uber Eats as far as I know - in fact I have my card linked to Uber (though I have to admit I do not use them).

How are you testing this? If you need any help, let us know

Hi Robert

Interesting that you have your card linked. I was in California yesterday and tried to swap my Monzo card for my Dozens card in both apps but it wouldn’t accept it.

Perhaps I’ll try again and report back with either success or the specific error code.

I remember Monzo had this issue when they had the prepay card, some people (like myself) had no issues using the card and some people did. I think it was something to do with Uber not liking the BIN numbers. After a few months though Uber blocked my card as well.