No no emergency contact or customer service on Sundays and Saturdays after 4pm?

I just made a payment and it did not clear in the recipients account. I waited 2 h and I also contacted customer service that was before 2 h had passed and they told me to call back when 2 h had passed. I did just that, only to learn, that there is no customer service after 4 pm so I can not reach anyone, the money is still not in the account of the recipient! I also tried email and reported the payment as not received in the app. YOU NEED 24/7 EMERGENCY CONTACTS. This is really frustrating! I am lucky no one stole my purse!


Not many people realise a “faster payment” can actually take until the end of the next working day under the banking regulations (though most occur within 2 hours).

This can often happen when it’s a new payee or a unusual amount for fraud checks for instance.

Delays are also not unknown especially on weekends when banks (sending or receiving) tend to do IT maintenance.

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I am sorry @Isabella - I think we’ve also had your tweets and DMs

We are growing, but we are still a small organisation. We simply cannot afford to have 24/7 support - even many major banks with hundreds of times our resources don’t offer this. However, we already offer more support than some of our larger competitors, with a phone line for all customers, as well as chat and email.

Instead, the vast majority of things you need to do can be done in the app - including freezing your account if there are any issues. However, if there are any questions that require someone to be in the office to review, we will do this as soon as we can.

You can call us form 08:30 or you can email now and someone will get back to you as soon as they can

I am sorry, I have been patient so far, but this is the end of the line for me. I am even a shareholder, so I was more inclined to tolerate childhood issues. Every bank has a mean of contact for emergencies and although replies may not be instant, they will resolve urgent issues within a couple of hours. For me and I believe a lot of other customers it is not acceptable to have no means of contact for over 40 hours every weekend.
This is not the first issue I had with Dozens and more disappointing is that there is not even an effort made to improve issues.
This is a customer lost!

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I am really sorry if there was any delay with a payment, but lots of things could be the issue and it does require the right staff to be in the office to be able to look into this. I trust that this was all resolved by this morning.

This is still a free account with all manner of features that you can manage yourself with the app, and we do offer a great deal of support - on the phone, email and chat. Unfortunately we simply cannot have 24/7 service for all aspects of account management, such as tracing payments, and nor can even the largest banks.

I do understand that any delay can be stressful and we do our best to avoid this and support you as much as we can.