New financial products coming to the app very soon

The bonds are back, we’re launching 16 new ETFs, and there’s even more in the pipeline.

:tada: HURRAH!! :tada:

As you will know from this community and our other messages, we’ve spent the last few months focusing on the immediate needs relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as promised and thanks to the continuing support of our customers, and a fair bit of hard work behind the scenes, we’ve got some exciting announcements for you and we want to make sure that the community members are some of the very first to read the details.

Check out this blog post: On your marks, get set, grow: More financial products coming to your Dozens app very soon - Dozens


Happy days :clap:

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@robert the link to the information about bonds is not working…

This is great news - brings the offering up to a nice set of core funds + a few more specialist ones. I suspect when starting out people feel happier with familar FTSE100 than more niche things.

One thing I haven’t worked out - I know you have a minimum £1000 investment, hopefully that can be split into multiple funds? If so what’s the minimum amount you can put into a given fund?

That’s a great question. To invest with us, you’ll need an initial investment of at least £1,000. That’s for each fund and the amount cannot be split between them.

You can add to each fund on a monthly basis, in multiples of £100, and start, stop, amend quantity whenever you like.

Does that clarify some things?

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Thanks for flagging this, is it still not working for you?

This is the link that is not working

Yes, thanks - although not the answer I was hoping for. While I appreciate someone stuffing £999 in one fund, and £1 in the other is a pain for you, It would be nice to be able to split the 1000/100 minimums across a few funds…

My current ISA (which I’ll likely bring over) has 500/50 initial/regular minimums which does mean I can have more diversity.

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I think you may have an old link, but no worries, here’s an updated one for you to read: Dozens Savings Plc’s listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds – Everything you want to know - Dozens

Good spot! Our Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.s listed Fixed Interest Bonds are different to our ETF investments. The first has a minimum bid of £100 whilst the latter has a minimum of £1000.

Our nifty FAQs are quick digestible breakdowns of how our Investment products work if you’re curious: Invest Archives - Dozens

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@JuB I’ve just followed Robert’s link From the first post above, and ended up with the same error

sorry about that @Robertiwills - that link should now be corrected (you may need to do a full refresh of that page in case the old link is cached)


Exciting news. Keen to hear more about

multi-asset funds and deposit products

when the time is right.

(What even is a multi asset fund, anyway? :thinking:)

I believe the theory is, that instead of you balancing your funds across asset classes, the fund does it for you for a good rate of return and reduced risk…

Theory can very often be different from reality.
(A quick google showed some quite disappointing returns from a well known bank/asset manager)

I would guess as these funds are actively managed, they come with higher fees, and lower returns than other products.

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For example…

Another well known example is Vanguard’s Lifestrategy range.

Great for set and forget investing.

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Since you’ll have to contribute a minimum of 1000 up-front and 100 a month to each fund, for many (perhaps most?) people multi asset funds will be the only way of achieving a decent level of diversity.

Just to make sure that all customers have been informed, you will have received an emails and notification to say that the new products mentioned here are now back and live in the app.

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Yes, please (@robert?)!