New Dozens Dashboard

There is something about the design of the app which bugs me and it’s hard to put a finger on it. Is it not intuitive, does it not conform to other UIs - I’m not sure.

But I propose my idea for the Dashboard, or the Dozens button.

I find the four blocks of View Spend, View Track, View Grow and Invest as quite cumbersome, considering the link to view these is permanently at the bottom of the screen. I’ve done one UX Design module at uni and cannot claim any expertise, but I think that this would go against UX norms.

The dashboard should be a one-stop-shop, it should provide links to other parts of the app in one click. A basic UX principle for mobile is minimal number of clicks to get where you want.

This dashboard must obviously include all your balances at a glance.

Firstly, the current screenshot is altered with a filter, and I think these brighter colours are better as a starter for 10. (Obviously a filter so it’s all altered but the box colours are improved, I think)

I would propose the following views, which would merge to top pull down balance with the boxes.

X in your current account pull down:

Replace with X total balance. When pulling down, you get details of your total balance growth/contraction during the past month and 6 months. To show your overall growth in balances.

Main headers on the 4 coloured boxes:

The Spend shows your current account balance, Track how much you have left to spend, Grow your total savings and Invest your investment value.

The detail below would be the following:
Spend: £X spent this month.
Track: £Y left to spend this week.
Grow: £Z put aside this month. With £x interest earnt.
Invest: +X%/£Y since Z date.

Below this would be to second levels of the interface. Eg. Payments, Top Up, Card.

Where finances in a nutshell, would be a pull up list of your transactions on your account.

Then I would keep the top row of Help buttons top right and the bottom 4 Sections with the D button the same.

I did a quick scribble below.

Keen for any thoughts, whether it would be data overload, but I just thought of things I would like added to the Dashboard without actually increasing the level of information.


Thanks so much for your ideas and feedback @Trub

As it happens we are specifically looking at the content and layout of Dozens Home at the moment, with a view to tweaking this in the near future (though we have some other things to launch first). I don’t expect there will be anything quite as dramatic as removing the navigation, but maybe we can help with more of the signposting you are suggesting.

I will pass this on to @Hiia who looks after the UX, and I know she’s always keen to hear from customers about their experience of interacting with the app.


I don’t think removing the navigation is even required. More a point that I think other things could be displayed on the dashboard.

More the information shown and navigation to things like payments are the important bits imo.

Glad to see the bonds finally here, not long until investments now I would imagine.

A mute point, the dashboard where it says saved, doesn’t include any amount which is in a bond bid.

If the bonds are the Dozens way ahead, then its probably worth including the bid amounts in the saved, as there will be long and multiple times where people are bidding on bond issues.

I would like to see more detailed info on the main screen, such as bonds, investment performance, most recent transactions, and be able to tap on each and go to the relevant screen.

I don’t really understand why there are links to each section on each box, when you have the bottom bar with exactly the same links.

A powerful dashboard would be really great to see.


Exactly my thoughts!

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Agree with both @Gaoler and @Trub - we are looking at designs for home now as @Rob said. Potentially more as a newsfeed than a dashboard though. We could organise a Hangouts discussion like the Track one once designs are a bit more advanced.