New Dozens app navigation bar

With the arrival of version 1.6 of the Dozens app you will have noticed a change to the main navigation bar.

Previous Navigation

The navigation bar should be something stable and consistent so you learn and remember how to find all the important information you need easily, so we don’t take changes here lightly. However, there are two reasons for this change which we trust you will enjoy and will help new customers who are arriving all the time.

New design

First, after feedback from users, we’ve added icons that give more visual cues to the navigation. Our customer communications, and the app itself, use many custom icons, and we’re very proud of the work that has been done by our in-house team to make financial information more accessible this way. It felt right to make the navigation bar, which is always so visible, fit this design better.

Secondly, our vision at Dozens is to take our customers on a journey, from Spender, to Saver through to Investor, in a way that is helpful, relevant and suitable to each person. We built the app in a way to bring spending, budgeting, cash savings and investments together as an organised and simple solution for as many people as possible.

Having the Dozens Home button in the centre arguable interrupted this flow, separating the Grow and Invest sections from the the Spend and Track that we are used to looking at every day.

With the new design, it feels more natural to keep tapping along when checking transactions, to reviewing your budgets, then checking in on how well your different investments might be doing. It connects the journey in a new way.

The Dozens Home dashboard is still there, and you can easily click on the logo to see lots of information and balances “at a glance”.

Now that this navigation change is in place, we are putting the final touches to upgrades to the design and content of some of the individual elements of the app - with Track coming soon, and the information cards on the Dozens Home also getting upgraded soon.

Do let us know what you think of these changes when you have had a chance to test them out. We are always open to feedback, positive and critical, so we can continue to improve the app for everyone.


I really like that new design, it is much more visually appealing and feels less clinical. I think I’d prefer dozens home to be on the left rather than right, but I don’t think that’s a huge deal, having it on the right just feels a little weird to me.

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That is so much better. I never really thought about the flow of the journey and definitely had one of those “now that’s a great move” moments. Not fussed about where the Dozens home icon sits, but that screen shows the previous version in the App Store. R-


Definitely a nicer change of design.


Really nice, looks much cleaner. :star_struck:


Thanks all, will pass your feedback to the design team and @Hiia who leads our mobile design!

I think the current design is a bit overloaded especially the home page. Filled with unnecessaary information. Maybe others find it useful but that shouldnt be the homepage in my opinion.

The spend page with a bit more tweaks should be the first page when you open dozens in my opinion to be honest. The current home page is just overloaded with too much information and i would rather see my balance, account details and transactions in the home page for simplicity.

Thanks for your feedback all, much appreciated! We’re always listening :ear::ear::ear: