New card - can't top up

Received my replacement card today and activated it just fine. Now want to top up from legacy bank using a debit card. After TOP UP WITH A DEBIT CARD>ENTER AMOUNT I tap on PAYMENT METHOD where my debit card details are shown and get a screen where the card number (last four digits) is ticked. I tap that and get sent back to the ENTER AMOUNT screen. What am I doing wrong? R-

Then enter amount and press next at the bottom of the screen, I think.
Works for me!

Don’t have a NEXT button. I am IOS, if that makes any difference. R-

@Rogerb hurray to the card, I’m just finding out about your topup issue!

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@Rogerb Try this:

  1. Make sure your app is up to date
  2. When it comes to the top up screen, instead of using the preselected card number try adding it as a new payment method- maybe there was a typo before (picture attached).
  3. After you’ve selected your (newly entered)payment method it should take you to your bank’s security page (3Ds) and it will ask for additional information.

Let me know if that works.

Thanks Katja. I have added the card again but no joy. My screen looks a little different from your screen grab in that there is no Please use a debit card to top up your account text and no NEXT button. The AppStore is not offering an update. I am on 1.3.7 (Build 314). R-

Roger, it might have to do with your card activation. Am findg out.