New account - my views

Hey all, I’m new here and want to say my views on my dozens account.

So card came twice due to a change in name, very bright card but getting used to it goes nicely with my hot coral!

Topped up the account via FP was there in around
10 minutes - love that there was no waiting for money to be received :white_check_mark:

Was all going so well then I moved some money internally and had lots of errors pop up on the screen?? And next thing I knew I was down £100
Spoke with customer services they asked me to send screenshots of this which I did.

Still yet to be contacted regarding this, because of this not sure if I’d feel comfortable putting anymore money in this account until I at least get a
Reason what happened? :thinking:

Welcome @Sczoo29 - so happy to have you join us here, and happy to add a splash of mango to your life.

While we don’t want to (and can’t) discuss individual account issues in public, we are happy to discuss any common experiences, feedback or ideas of course.

I’m sorry to hear that you had some errors. Was this over the weekend? There have been some issues over the last couple days with the app not displaying all transactions. We have been working on the communications chain that was failing to update the app, and we believe it is properly working again, but we need to go back and correct the balances for users that were affected.

The errors that popped up were probably when the app was not communicating with the server to get the correct updates.

We’ve had quite a few tickets raised because of this, and the team is working on these at the moment, so I do hope yours has been fixed already. If not, it should be soon but we have a few to work through.

Others may have experienced this too, so maybe someone else will be able to share their experience.

We are sorry you were affected.